Pathology, Molecular Diagnostics, Research: Expertise

UroVysion FISH

Avero Diagnostics offers a unique combination of experience and expertise in Flourescent In Situ Hybridization as well as in Bladder Surgical and Cytopathology to support clinicopathologic correlation and optimal performance of UroVysion™ FISH for bladder carcinoma

  • Dr. Shappell has personally signed out >12,000 clinical FISH specimens over the last 3 years
  • The five most experienced Avero Diagnostics FISH technicians have collectively performed >20,000 clinical FISH assays, including >15,000 over the last four years
  • Dr. Shappell, the technical FISH staff of Avero Diagnostics, and collaborators have presented several studies on clinicopathologic correlation and optimal FISH test utilization at national meetings (e.g., USCAP, AUA) over the last three years
  • Avero Diagnostics is actively engaged in supported translational research on technical and clinical aspects related to diagnostic FISH testing.

To learn more about the coordinated use of Cytology with Adjunctive Molecular FISH testing for Bladder Cancer Monitoring please print and review the Coordinated use of Cytology w/ Adjunctive Molecular Testing for Bladder Cancer Monitoring (PDF 40KB)