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Breast Requisition (430.74 KB PDF)
AVERO Breast requisition was developed with the Breast Surgeon and Breast Imager in mind. It compliments the Breast Biopsy Kit for use on patients with potential breast disease. Three bar coded labels match the three jars inside the kit providing a direct connetion between the specimen jar and the requisition, thus reducing potential mix up.

Gi Requisition (265.00 KB PDF)
The GI requisition was created with the surgeon in mind. Multiple sites can be identified easily by following the listing of anatomic sites on the chart below.

GU Requisition (910.71 KB PDF)
The Avero Urology requisition was developed with the urology office staff in mind. 20 bar coded labels provide a direct connection to the requisition. Each label is site specific for ease of use.

GYN Requisition (861.32 KB PDF)
The Gynecology requisition was developed with the office staff in mind. Gynecology offices are often times extremely busy with multiple patients going at the same time. Our bar coded labeling system creates a direct connection between the specimen jar and the requisition.

Molecular Requisition (423.17 KB PDF)
The molecular oncology requisition is geared specifically for oncology and pathology practices who order high complexity molecular testing. A comprehensive list of PCR, RT-PCR and FISH tests give the physician a single resource for molecular testing.