Pathology, Molecular Diagnostics, Research: Responsibility


AVERO Diagnostics is dedicated to providing the highest quality laboratory services using the latest technology for our physician clients and the patients they treat.

Anatomic pathology laboratories typically do not have direct contact with patients, but play a major role in the continuity of patient care. All too often the diagnostic laboratory is a black box where tissue specimens from the patient go for a diagnostic interpretation.

Avero Diagnostic's employs a Patient Centered approach to laboratory medicine identifying each specimen as a patient. Every aspect of Avero Diagnostics from the high end services (Pathology, Molecular, Technology and Administration) to our excellent support (Client Services, Billing, Marketing and Sales) the patient is always at the core of our decision making process. This focus drives our quality control program and guarantees a consistent service level that exceeds industry standards.

What this provides our patients:

  • Eliminates the high cost of unnecessary or inappropriate testing
  • Reduces the errors related to specimen collection, handling and testing
  • Reduces turnaround time on the patient results
  • Provides support to the clinicians and offers useful clinical information to aid the care of the patient