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Avero Presents PCA3 Data at the International Prostate Cancer Update, Vail, CO

January 29, 2012 - Vail, CO - Avero Diagnostics, a leading anatomic pathology laboratory with a focus in Urologic Pathology, recently presented an abstract titled, "Reflex PCA3 mRNA Testing. Validation of Post-Biopsy Urine Sample and Correlation with Prostate Biopsy Findings in ~2000 Patients." at the 22nd annual International Prostate Cancer Update in Vail, Colorado. Jeffery Brown, MD, Urologic Pathologist for Avero, presented the abstract at the meeting on Saturday January 28th.

“To our knowledge, our evaluation of PCA3 testing on post-bx urine specimens represents the largest reported single institution series of correlation of PCA3 and bx results.” commented Scott Shappell, MD, PhD., “The performance of the PCA3 test for predicting CaP on concurrent bx was essentially the same (similar or higher AUC) as noted in multicenter trials using post-DRE urine.” A PDF copy of the poster that acompanied the presentation is available for your review by selecting the hotlink listed below.

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