Pathology, Molecular Diagnostics, Research: Commitment

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Improve healthcare delivery to patients by:

  • advancing the industry through the research and development of novel diagnostic equipment and assays offering a faster and more accurate result
  • partnering with the physicians who manage their care and guaranteeing excellence in medical science
  • committing to the highest values of quality and integrity

Our Vision

To lead the healthcare industry in the delivery of Anatomic Pathology, Molecular Pathology and Diagnostic Research.

Core Values

quality – commitment to the highest standards of excellence in the laboratory industry and delivery of those services to our clients, the patient and physician.

integrity – dedication to the truth in everything we do or say. Integrity is in our name a’ vero (a – Latin for “To Be”; vero – Latin for “in Truth”) Avero = “to be in truth”

innovation – ensure our clients the best possible result through the latest technology